Montessori Summer Camp

Montessori Summer Camp

Due to the COVID crisis, during 2020, many educational institutions closed. So, it occurred to us to set up a workshop in which children could gradually reconnect with the outside and with other children.

This is how MONTESSORI SUMMER CAMP was born: an outdoor workshop divided into four stations.

To start with,the SENSORIAL station.

The main character of the sensorial station was the sensorial table. The table was divided into different containers with mud, water and soap and dry wipes.

Next to the table, on the floor, there was a farm game with all the animals toys that belong to the farm . Next to the table, there are other sensorial containers  but  placed on the floor so that younger children can easily access them. Those drawers contain sand, soap and water, and ocean animals.

The second station, the ART station.

Composed of a whote canvas, white paper sheets, letter format sheets, hand paint, colored paper, glue sticks, brushes, colored crayons, etc. The Montessori guide proposes different options but the child is free to choose how to express using artistic tools.

The third station, the gardening station.

Children had the opportunity to build their own pots using a wooden “pot-maker” and newspaper. Apart from enjoying building something with their hands, they also practised and exercised fine motor skills. They filled the paper pots with soil, buried different types of seeds and sprayed them with water using a hand sprayer. Through this process, they learn about flowers, organic food, and how to care for a plant after planting it.

The fourth station, the music station.

The children were responsible for bringing an empty plastic bottle to the workshop. The idea was not only to make a music instrument but also learn about recycling and reusing everyday items. They could choose from three types of seeds (or use all of them) to fill up the bottle and experience what it sounds like depending on the size, quantity and type of filling. Moreover, children had access to other musical instruments so they could explore and feel different types of rhythms and melodies. The montessori guide was in charge of making music with his own instrument and the children were free to join in with their own.

The Summer Camp experience was a great start to the European summer, it was very gratifying to see the children enjoying the outdoors in the company of old or new friends. Many of them were shy due to the “setback” they experienced after being locked up for so many days.

Each station provided them with interesting work that not only amused them but also taught them many new skills and practiced others that they had been working on for a long time.

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