Our Story

What is homeschooling for me?

When I moved to Australia back in 2013, I started to work as a nanny to be able to pay for my travel adventures.

I discovered my passion for children and I realized that I was spending too much time with them without being able to support their learning development. I was just there making sure they were safe and entertained, but that was it.

I started thinking about how to create prepared environments at home. I wanted to design spaces to provide children with learning opportunities.

I decided to become an early childhood teacher specializing in the Montessori Method and then I created my “Montessori Homeschool”  programs where families and nannies can learn how to turn their regular homes into “Montessori homes” and become more mindful, attentive and easygoing parents.

I believe that the child is the only hope for mankind and that education is the only way to save the planet. In Tulip Tree, we support education at home by providing a curated selection of sustainable products to help families create environments that will help develop their children’s physical, intellectual and emotional skills.

Maria - Tulip Tree Founder