My services - Holistic Education


  • Montessori at Home Consultant:

FREE phone consultation to decide what we need to work on! After that assessment the options are:

🔺One on one sessions at the playroom.

🔺Virtual consultations

🔺Home consultations

The topics we work on are:

  1. Montessori in the first 3 years
  2. Designing and setting up Montessori spaces at home
  3. Appropriate materials for development and toy organisation
  4. How to encourage your child to be independent and more confident
  5. Montessori routine at home
  6. Positive parenting for supporting children in their different development phases.

I would love to support you along this beautiful and nurturing journey!



  • Casual Nanny: Do you need help looking after your children? I love to help families around the Sunshine Coast! Send me an email to check my availability. Thank you!