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The Holistic Playroom 5 sessions pack

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Although I am Montessori trained I believe that the children and families are multi-method. We don't fit just in one box, we take the best out of each box. That is why I've created THE HOLISTIC PLAYROOM.

A playroom inspired by many alternative education philosophies like Montessori, Steiner, Regio Emilia, and Pickler. 

I want to invite you to come and explore the playroom on Fridays 9:30 am to 11 am from the  3rd of August till the 14th of October.


For Children (0-6 years old) :

I would love to offer your little ones a nurturing space where they can potentiate their physical, intellectual, and emotional development. Also, activate their social skills and connect with other children from their community. 

Please bring: a water bottle and self-care kit (nappies, wipes, tissues, hat, sunscreen)

For Parents:

Because it is a Playgroup, you are legally responsible for your child. You are welcome to stay and explore with your child!

I initially started the playroom with the idea of giving parents some extra time to work or “take a break” from their 24/7 career role. But to be honest, spending time together ALL is what I like the most about the Playroom sessions.

Instead of working, parents have the opportunity to be PRESENT. To ask me questions, to step back and observe. To meet other families and share their achievements, their fears, and their learnings!

Learning to “Follow the Child” together is my best gift. Thank you for being a part of this magic! ❤️✨

Please make your booking by buying a ticket :) Max capacity is 15 children. 





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